I have been the Pastor of Calvary Carluke from its beginnings as a bible study in 1992.

I was born in New Stevenston, just outside Motherwell and although my mum & dad were not Christians, I and my two older sisters were sent to four different Sunday schools almost every Sunday.

I first made a decision to follow Jesus when I was an 11-year old boy, but for the following 25 years I had no Christianity in my life at all. Indeed it was the opposite as I got involved in the typical west of Scotland culture of heavy drinking and freemasonry. I was 37 years old when I really started walking with the Lord.

Doreen and I were married in 1973 and we have two sons and three grandchildren. As the pastor of the fellowship I don’t think, indeed I’m sure; I could not do the job properly without Doreen to encourage me and to keep my feet on the ground.

The two elders and their wives, Robin & Cathy and more recently Colin and Jacqueline have been my Aaron and Hur. Their spiritual support is without question a real encouragement to me, and the practical way they minister within the fellowship provides the mortar of love between the people.

My desire from the start has been to see people saved and discipled, and to teach the bible verse by verse and chapter by chapter, and in so doing to prepare others to serve in the ministry which God has given them.

God bless You


Jim Tatton (Pastor)